René August is an image maker who sees and feels life through her visions and expressions. Through her inner exploration and her own transformational journey, she has transitioned onto her true creative path. Her work is about the unseen, the beauty in the undiscovered, harnessing her ability to see both the light and the darkness.
.Born in Cape Town, raised in Vancouver, and now based in London, UK.
Her career path has taken her from a background in nursing, to moving abroad to develop her creative skills and passions. She worked as a fashion stylist, fashion design assistant, personal assistant to artists, a photographer, visual artist, creative mentor and visionary. Some of her clients have been Vogue Italia, Sotheby’s, L’Officiel Magazine Russia, Emreco, Evening Standard, Stylist Magazine, Daily Mail, You Magazine, Stella Mag, Irish Times, London Fashion Week and others. She works with designers, magazines, brands, up and coming artists, talent and creatives to develop style, confidence and their unique visions.
She has a soft sensitivity towards the sensitive souls who don’t have a voice. The skills she developed from her unique career path has become the same intimate connection she has with her camera through her subjects, she is able to see beauty and help them feel their true inner self.
It has become her calling to help people see themselves, having spent so long not seeing herself, she wanted to bring the gift of unseen beauty to everyone.
She has created Sensitive Hearts Club where you will find creative transformational workshops and retreats along with a one to one creative mentoring to all those who want to reconnect with their creativity and for those who have not yet been seen or heard!

Creative Founder & Director
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